We're on a mission to reduce how much paper we use by encouraging our customers to download and read important information online about their statement. The information on this webpage would normally be sent out via post alongside your annual statement. We produce over 65,000 statements per year and that's a lot of paper, this is one way we can help reduce the carbon footprint.  

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  • Are you having difficulties with your mortgage payments?
  • Can you repay the balance due to us when your interest only mortgage ends?
  • Are you keeping on track with your interest only payment plan?

if you think you might have difficulty paying your mortgage it’s important to contact your lender straight away. This includes if you are coming to the end of your fixed-rate mortgage deal and are concerned about affording a potential increase in your monthly repayments.

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Important information

Notifications of changes for Limited Company Accounts

Please be advised that any change to the company (such as change in share structure, shareholding/ownership/change to people with significant control, change of company name, resignation and/or appointment of director) should be notified to us prior to any changes being made and our consent sought where necessary. Not providing prior notification of any change to the company is a breach of the terms and conditions of the mortgage conditions agreement and could may be considered a default event.

Buildings Insurance

Please ensure that your buildings insurance cover is maintained in order to meet the requirement of your mortgage terms and conditions with us and that the property is adequately insured.

Fees and Charges

Where fees and charges are added to your account, interest will payable at the interest rate applicable on your account. Periodically, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your mortgage, your monthly payments may be recalculated to include repaying the fees and charges over the remaining term of your mortgage, for example upon a rate change. Please be aware, unless or until a recalculation occurs, which may not be for several years (e.g. if you have a current fixed rate) you will not be making any reduction to the fees and charges part of your mortgage balance.

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