We wish to be inclusive at FHL. Should you have a disability or vulnerability that would be helped by adjustments in how Foundation Home Loans handles your account and our communication with you please contact us – you can find out here.


How we can adapt our service to meet your needs.

We want to make it easy for you to communicate with us effectively. Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Speaking to you rather than sending a letter or an email (except certain regulatory letters)
  • Talking more slowly, louder, simplicity or clearly
  • Giving you more time to understand any information and to think about any options or decisions
  •  Listening to understand any specific requirements you may have and adapting our approach where possible
  • Take into consideration that your mood or physical condition may vary and your reactions may be affected
  •  Corresponding with you in Braille
  • Sending correspondence on coloured paper or using large print.
  • Providing tailored communications 
  • Providing audio recordings
  • Giving you written or spoken translations to and from another language 
  • With your consent, we can also communicate with a third party representative, such as a relative, friend or community advocate


How to request content in an accessible format

If you have specific needs to help you communicate with us more effectively, please tell us and we will do our best to meet them. You can request communications and adaptions in an accessible format by calling us on 0344 770 8030. Please provide any additional information or specific requirements as clearly as possible.

How to request us to deal with a third party on your behalf

Should you want to provide consent for a third party to have access to your mortgage account and to communicate with us on your behalf, please download and complete a third party authorisation form.

Should you have a financial Power of Attorney in place, you will need to register the document with us. Once set up we will be able to deal with your chosen Attorney.


What we will do to help you access your mortgage account in an accessible format

Once we receive your request and consent, we will update our records and use this information to ensure we are able to support you in the right way, taking into consideration your individual circumstances. This will save you having to discuss it with us again. Where possible, this may also include external firms we engage to work with on our behalf, such as solicitors or home visit agents.

Whilst some changes are easily implemented, some may take us a little bit more time, such as providing translations in a different language. We will keep you informed of how long it will take, or if for any reason we are unable to meet your request we will explain why and offer an alternative where possible.

Accessibility and our website

We want you to be able to use our customer website and online services as easily as possible, so here are some of the ways we seek to assist you:

  • Online payment facility
  • Ability to change the website text size and font via the internet browser settings
  • Site navigation to make it easier to access key information
  • Search facility to quickly identify areas of interest to you
  • Accessible links to documents and information

AbilityNet, provides a free online service that offers guidance to help make your device easier to use.